On-Site Partnerships

Find Your Future partners with schools, nonprofits, and community organizations. We tailor information to meet each student’s needs and believe our individualized service integration will yield improved access to post-secondary education.

Professional Expertise

We bring more than 50 years of combined experience working with students in different capacities. We draw from our roster of professionals who share their expertise on college and career topics that matter to your student population. Topics include: Career Pathways, College 101, Financial Aid Facts, Organization and Study Skills.

Innovative Curriculum

Find Your Future uses an interactive program in a flexible format that targets specific grade levels and incorporates family engagement.

  • Single topic workshops
  • Series workshops
  • Monthly classes with targeted subject matter
  • Weekly classes with sessions that build on one another
  • Educational presentations
We work when it works best for you: during school, after school, or on weekends.

Off-Site Private Coaching

Find Your Future also works individually with students.

Academic Tutoring
  • grade levels: All
  • subjects: English, Social studies, History, Language Arts
  • skills: Reading, reading comprehension, spelling, writing, executive function and organizing, test-preparation
College and Career Coaching
  • application, personal statement, and school specific essay assistance and editing
  • advice on choosing “best fit” colleges
  • resume creation and interview practice
  • standardized test preparation and coaching
Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • financial aid guidance
  • scholarship application assistance
  • activity specific lists and resources